Elcon Associates, Inc. provides state of the art BIM/VDC services. We have created high Level of Data (LOD) designs using Revit and Navisworks that include detailed dimensional, location, engineering, and cost data. We create custom Revit families that include rich parametric data that includes electrical, dimensional, and materials data, as well as a virtually unlimited list of other pertinent and valuable data. We create Bills of Material, panel, load summary, and other schedules that automatically update as a project’s design progresses and evolves, significantly reducing design errors and omissions. Using these technologies, we evaluate design options continuously to deliver efficient fully-coordinated designs that virtually eliminate field coordination and rework, and supports leveraging the efficiency of off-site prefabrication.
The terms BIM (Building Information Modeling) and VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) represent concepts for executing the design and construction of projects. The concepts are widely used in construction projects, and studies have shown significant improvement in construction productivity by reducing rework, conflicts and changes during construction. The effective use of BIM/VDC improves collaboration among and between project stakeholders, provides more accurate fundamental information to support decision making, provides a standard way of storing information so that it survives the test of time, and can build data collection and sustainment of information into business processes.
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