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Elcon specializes in substation design & modifications, relay protection & control, transmission & distribution, power systems studies, long-range utility planning, specifications, and renewable energy. Additionally, we provide design-build / EPC team support services. Our clients have included BPA, Pacific Gas & Electric, Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, Seattle City Light, Mason County PUD, Whatcom PUD, Cowlitz PUD, Douglas Electric, City of McCleary, and Western Oregon Electric.

Energy Services:

  • Substation Design & Modifications 
    • Relay replacement for distribution and transmission feeders
    • SCADA system replacement
    • Switchgear replacement and upgrades
    • Power equipment specification and installation (transformers, reactors, capacitors, relay & control houses, and power circuit breakers)
    • Station service design
    • Arc flash hazard analysis
    • Ground mat design
  • Relay Protection & Control
    • Line protection, 
    • Bus differential protection, 
    • transformer protection
    • reactor/capacitor protection
  • Transmission & Distribution
    • New line design
    • Line rating and weak link analysis
    • Fiber optic additions
    • Siting and routing selection
    • Overhead power line relocation design
    • Overhead to underground conversion design
    • Line rating study
    • Right-of-Way procurement assistance
    • Structural analysis
    • Pad & pier foundation design
  • Power Systems Studies 
    • Load-flow and stability studies
    • Reactive power flow studies
    • Voltage drop analysis
    • Reliability/contingency analysis
    • Feasibility studies
    • Construction work plans
    • Interconnection studies
    • Sectionalizing studies
    • Arc flash hazard analysis
    • Breaker Coordination Studies
    • Harmonic content analysis
  • Long-range Utility Planning (Elcon Energy Services)
  • Specifications Development and design standards development
  • Renewable Energy (Interconnection, transmission, and design services) 
    • Wind
    • Biomass
    • Geothermal
    • Hydro
    • Solar

Energy Clients:

  • Bonneville Power Administration, OR & WA
  • Portland General Electric, OR
  • Eugene Water & Electric Board, OR
  • Douglas Electric Cooperative, OR
  • Seattle City Light, WA
  • Whatcom County PUD, WA
  • City of Richland, WA
  • OHOP Mutual Light Company, WA
  • California Public Utility Commission, CA
  • San Diego Gas & Electric, CA
  • Chugach Electric Association, AK

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