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Battery Electric Bus Charging Infrastructure Design

Elcon performed infrastructure design to support one fast-charger for layover charging at the Sunset Transit Center parking garage and five slow-chargers for Merlo Garage for overnight charging. Portland General Electric (PGE) served as the general design-build contractor for both projects at Sunset Transit Center & Merlo Garage. Elcon’s scope of work included drawings, specifications, cost estimates, design clarifications, submittal reviews, and site visits. Elcon completed load calculations, service switchboard specifications, and single-line sketches. PGE used the specifications and sketches to procure the two service switchboards, load calculations to size the service, and sketches to build the projects at each site.

Owner: TriMet

Location: Portland, OR

Project Features:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Battery electric bus charging infrastructure
  • Design to support one fast charger and five slow-chargers