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Port of Tacoma

Port of Tacoma

Pier 4 Reconfiguration

As a subconsultant, Elcon provided power, lighting, and communications systems design to Reconfigure Pier 4 at Port of Tacoma to be in alignment with the neighboring Pier 3. Elcon’s responsibility included demolition of the existing 4.16kV electrical system service switchgear, cabling, duct banks, vaults, for 4.16kV crane power and 480V bullrail power. A new 13.8kV main switchgear was designed, including a new Tacoma Power 13.8kV electrical service to feed the main switchgear. The 13.8kV switchgear serves eight 100 ft gauge cranes, future reefer outlets, new bullrail 480V receptacles and a new Marine Operations Building. Elcon designed all required infrastructure, pads for Tacoma power metering and ship-to-shore power switchgear, duct banks, vaults, and three shore power vaults at the Pier 4 bullrail for future design of the shore power system. Included design for an installation of a power monitoring system (Siemens WinPM). Additionally, Elcon calculated point-by-point illuminance with AGi32 lighting software. It was necessary to relocate six high mast light poles.

Owner: Port of Tacoma/Husky Terminal

Location: Tacoma, WA


  • Pier reconfiguration
  • Power, lighting, and communications system design
  • Site demolition