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Transit Facilities & Transportation

Transit Facilities & Transportation

For transit facilities and transportation, Elcon has expertise in power distribution, interior and exterior lighting, motor controls, fire alarm, emergency/standby generation, security access / CCTV, and communication systems.

Transit Facilities & Transportation Services:

  • Electrical and Lighting Design for Stations, Systems Buildings, Parking Lots, Parking Garages
  • Vehicle Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Facilities
  • Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) Planning and Infrastructure Design
    • Battery electric bus (BEB)
    • Electric vehicle charging stations (EVSE)
    • Micromobility electrification
    • Electrification studies
  • Street Lighting
  • Track Lighting at Pedestrian Crossings

Transit Facilities & Transportation Clients:

  • TriMet, OR
  • Portland Streetcar, OR
  • City of Portland, OR
  • Seattle Department of Transportation, WA
  • King County Metro, WA
  • Seattle City Light, WA
  • Seattle Center Monorail, WA
  • Sacramento Regional Transit District, CA
  • Bay Area Rapid Transit District, CA
  • Los Angeles County Metropolitan Authority, CA
  • Orange County Transportation Authority, CA
  • Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority, CA
  • California Department of General Services, CA
  • Caltrain, CA
  • Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC), CA
  • Sound Transit, WA
  • Community Transit, WA
  • Skagit Transit, WA

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