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Municipal and Institutional

Municipal and Institutional

For municipal and institutional buildings and facilities, Elcon has expertise in power distribution, interior and exterior lighting, motor controls, fire alarm, emergency/standby generation, security access / CCTV, and communication systems. We have electrical engineering experience for parks, sports arenas and ball fields, office/ commercial, laboratories, fire stations, police stations, libraries, convention facilities, college classrooms, residence facilities, community centers, data centers, and parking garages.

Municipal and Institutional Services:

  • Power distribution
    interior and exterior lighting
  • Motor controls
  • Fire alarm, emergency/standby generation
  • Security access / CCTV, and communication systems
  • Parks, sports arenas and ball fields
  • Office/ commercial
  • Laboratories
  • Fire stations
  • Police stations
  • Libraries
  • Convention facilities
  • College classrooms
  • Residence facilities
  • Community centers
  • Data centers
  • Parking garages

Municipal and Institutional Clients:

  • Oregon Metro, OR
  • University of Washington, WA
  • City of Portland Parks & Recreation, OR
  • City of Portland Facilities Services, OR
  • King County, WA

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